France has published an amendment for enforcement of the B2B mandate


An amendment of the financial law 2021 has been published november 6 for enforcement of the B2B eInvoicing mandate and transactions eReporting. This amendment is in conditional form as far as it needs to be voted by the Finance commission of the parliament. Pursuant to those measures, a report has been issued to the parliament, with recommendation regarding envisioned technical features.

This amendment fix a roadmap for deployment since 2023 onward :

  • Obligation of eInvoice reception for all businesses in 2021
  • Obligation of eInvoice issuance, progressive in 2023 for big groups, 2024 for mid size companies and 2025 for SME

The French tax authority aims to achieve 4 objectives :
Fight against fraud, improve service to users subject to VAT by simplification of tax declaration duties, business competitiveness and ongoing knowledge of business activity.

For achieving that goal, the scope of obligation should be expanded to cross-border operations, in fight against fraud like VAT carousel, to ease tax return from exports ; the transmission of data related to B2C transactions. Finally, the payment status feedback is necessary to determine the due date and deductibility of VAT for provision of a service.

On payment status feedback, see PEPPOL BIS 63 INVOICE RESPONSE see also our post