Digital Business Networks Alliance launches US e-invoicing exchange network

Business Payments Coalition (BPC) having ran a successful pilot program announces  the official launch of Digital Business Network Alliance to connect all businesses in the US and start exchange business documents in secure way.

To enable transactions in a seamless way, DBNAlliance initiative aims to create a vast interoperable network with purpose to eliminate frictions in document exchanges between businesses, remove obstacles and inefficiencies met with traditional methods.

DBNAlliance deploys a four corner model interoperability framework similar to PEPPOL where a supplier and a buyer may connect together through their access point. DNBAlliance will provide assistance to service providers intending to connect to the exchange network and act as standard maintenance body for the definition of policies and implementation guidelines and the support of eDelivery standards (based on OASIS UBL2.3 a ISO/IEC 19845:2015 standard).